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Super galing! Akala ko, she’s just an ordinary-another-tween-star-from-GMA artista! :D

This is why I’m utterly disappointed with GMA for not showcasing their talents as well as ABS-CBN does. It only took us one Youtube video to see that she’s really talented (and pretty).

Before this, I only knew her as someone they are pairing with Elmo Magalona. And this was because I could read it in Saab’s tweets. They should really do something, especially with Party Pilipinas where even the camera angles and lighting seem wrong, and when accidentally changing the channel to GMA during Sundays is cringe-worthy. 

Eat Bulaga is a different story, though. (Eat Bulaga forever! haha)

Going back to Julie Anne, I just want to say that I became an instant fan and that I’m LSSing to Super Bass. Frustrated that I can’t rap nor sing. Heh!

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  1. princesschariza said: since ngresign si louie ignacio from SOP hindi n mganda ang program„syang kasi kasing dami n sila sana ng ASAP
  2. juanrepublic said: Eat Bulaga forever! Haha! Anyhoo, naka-loop na sa akin yung kanta niya. Super galing talaga! Akala ko nga dati, she’s just the other half of Julielmo love team. GMA-7 should improve their artista marketing strategy. Hindi na lang puro Dong-ian! LOL!
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